Will F1 Ever Recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic?

All professional sport across the world has been hit by the spread of coronavirus. Some sports, in particular, have found it very difficult to deal with the complications COVID-19 has brought, including Formula 1. It all started with the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix, which was due to be the first race of the new season.

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Since then, the Bahrain Grand Prix, Vietnam Grand Prix, Chinese Grand Prix, Dutch Grand Prix, Spanish Grand Prix and Azerbaijan Grand Prix have all been postponed. This is in addition to the cancellation of arguably the most glamorous race of the year, the Monaco Grand Prix.

Here we offer some sports insight and ask the question, will F1 ever recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The bad news is that there are likely to be more postponements before a race is contested this season. However, at the time of writing the plan is for between 15 and 18 races to place in 2020. This is a good sign that F1 will have little trouble in recovering from the current situation and will be ready to race as soon as possible.

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In an attempt to be ready for the first race of the 2020 F1 season, the summer break has been removed from the calendar. This is usually where all of the F1 teams have a two-week break from racing and car development. However, this year the break has been moved to March and April so when F1 gets the nod that the season can start, they will be ready to go without the need for a break during what remains of the year.

The 27-29th November was the original endpoint of the season which would have been the weekend of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. However, this will be extended to try and include as many races as possible.

There have been two confirmed cases of coronavirus among F1 personnel, one of which was a McLaren team member. None of the drivers have had the virus although Lewis Hamilton had self-isolated having attended an event where two people later tested positive for coronavirus. The good news is he did not show any symptoms and it was a precautionary measure.

In terms of the financial cost of this forced break in the F1 schedule, there is no doubt income will be reduced due to the loss of some races this season. To help the teams cope, the new regulations which were due to be brought in for next season will now be delayed for one year.

Meanwhile, several of the teams have been keen to help in the battle against COVID-19. UK-based F1 teams have helped to manufacture and deliver respiratory devices to support the country at this difficult time. So, the future of F1 looks to be good for now and the fact they are helping in this manner could see the sport make a few new friends along the way.

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