The Future of Tennis: Which Players are Gonna Rule the ATP List in a Few Years’ Time?

Mischa Zverev

Novak Djoković, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer are currently occupying the top three spots on the ATP list. But, each one of these guys is over 30 years of age, the oldest of them being Roger Federer who’s turned 37 in August. Furthermore, seven out of top 10 players in the world today are already in their thirties.

And all of this is very strange, considering that not many years ago, most players used to retire soon after their 30th birthday. Pete Sampras, for example, retired at the age of 32.

The obvious question is who’s’ gonna replace these guys at the top of the ATP list once they retire? Well, there are many candidates out there and we’re now gonna talk about some of them.

Mischa Zverev

Alexander Zverev

Born in Germany to Russian parents, Alexander Zverev is currently the youngest player in the top 10 of the ATP list. That fact itself seems like a good enough reason to think of him as future number 1. This is something that many tennis legends think as well, including Boris Becker who called Zverev a new superstar in a recent interview.

What makes Zverev such a great candidate for the future star in the world of tennis is that he’s only 21 at the moment. This means that he’s bound to improve his skills even further in the next couple of years. Speaking of skills, Zverev is famous for being an all-round player, with impressive agility and speed, especially considering that he’s almost two meters tall.

Karen Khachanov

Now here’s a player very similar to Alexander Zverev. Both have Russian ancestry; with the difference that Khachanov has decided to represent Russia, while Zverev picked Germany. Another similarity is that both players are 1.98 centimeters high. And both of them are avid fans of basketball, both citing Miami Heat as their favorite NBA club. And their style of play is very similar, although most people do believe that Zverev has much more to offer.

Dominic Thiem

The Austrian player has turned 25 in early September, meaning that he has at least 10 more years to play at top level. And he’s already considered to be one of the best players in the world. Currently, his ATP ranking is 8th, but everyone’s expecting him to get even higher real soon.

Kyle Edmund

Even though he’s only 23, he’s managed to become the highest-ranked British tennis player, leaving Murray way behind. What makes him such a good prospect for the future is that he already has managed to beat some of the best players of today, including Djoković, Richard Gasquet, David Ferrer, Grigor Dimitrov, and many others.

Borna Ćorić

As of November 2018, he’s the number 12 on the ATP list, which is his career-high. And considering that he’s just turned 22, we can expect a lot more from the Croatian player.

Stefanos Tsitsipas

This guy is just 20, but he’s already in the ATP’s top 20. Actually, right now, he’s at the 15th place. Obviously, unless something very strange happens, we’re bound to see him among the top 10 in a few years’ time.

Daniil Medvedev

Here’s another Russian player who’s also 1.98 centimeters high. And who also has a great potential to be one of the best in the world in the next couple of years.

Denis Shapovalov

The highest-ranked teenager on ATP list is Denis Shapovalov who is currently on the 27th place. His all-time career high was the number 23, but considering how young he is, we can expect him to break that record real soon.

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